SIW papers

In this section you will find most of the important papers in the relatively short history of this promising technology. More SIW papers will be added periodically:

  • First papers

D. Deslandes and K.Wu. Integrated microstrip and rectangular waveguide in planar form. IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, 11(2):68–70, February 2001.

  • Transitions to traditional planar technology (microstrip, coplanar…)

E. Diaz Caballero, A. Belenguer, H. Esteban, O. Monerris, and V. Boria. A novel transition from microstrip to a substrate integrated waveguide with higher characteristic impedance. In 2013 IEEE/MTT-S International Microwave Symposium Digest, Jun. 2013.

D. Deslandes. Design equations for tapered microstrip-to-Substrate Integrated Waveguide transitions. In Microwave Symposium Digest (MTT), 2010 IEEE MTT-S International, pages 704–707. IEEE, 2010.

D. Deslandes and K. Wu. Analysis and design of current probe transition from grounded coplanar to substrate integrated rectangular waveguides. Microwave Theory and Techniques, IEEE Transactions on, 53(8):2487 – 2494, aug. 2005.

Tsung-Hsun Yang, Chi-Feng Chen, Ting-Yi Huang, Chun-Long Wang, and Ruey-Beei Wu. A 60GHz LTCC transition between microstrip line and substrate integrated waveguide. In Proc. Asia-Pacific Microwave Proceedings APMC 2005, volume 1, 2005.

D. Deslandes and K.Wu. Integrated microstrip and rectangular waveguide in planar form. IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters, 11(2):68– 70, February 2001.

  • Study of losses

F. Xu and K. Wu. Guided-wave and leakage characteristics of substrate integrated waveguide. Microwave Theory and Techniques, IEEE Transactions on, 53(1):66–73, 2005.

  • Analysis techniques

E. Diaz Caballero, H. Esteban, A. Belenguer, and V. Boria. Efficient analysis of substrate integrated waveguide devices using hybrid mode matching between cylindrical and guided modes. Microwave Theory and Techniques, IEEE Transactions on, 60(2):232 –243, Feb. 2012.

A. Belenguer, H. Esteban, E. Diaz, C. Bachiller, J. Cascon, and V. E. Boria. Hybrid technique plus fast frequency sweep for the efficient and accurate analysis of substrate integrated waveguide devices. IEEE Trans. on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 59(3):552 –560, March 2011.

M. Bozzi, L. Perregrini, and Ke Wu. Modeling of conductor, dielectric, and radiation losses in substrate integrated waveguide by the boundary integralresonant mode expansion method. Microwave Theory and Techniques, IEEE Transactions on, 56(12):3153–3161, 2008.

X.H. Wu and A.A. Kishk. Hybrid of method of moments and cylindrical eigenfunction expansion to study substrate integrated waveguide circuits. IEEE Trans. on Microwave Theory and Techniques, 56(10):2270 –2276, Oct. 2008.

  • Design and modeling

Z. Kordiboroujeni and J. Bornemann. Efficient design of substrate integrated waveguide power dividers for antenna feed systems. In Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP), 2013 7th European Conference on, pages 352–356, 2013.

E. Diaz Caballero, J. Morro, H. Esteban, V. Boria, and A. Belenguer. Accurate and efficient design of double post substrate integrated waveguide filters using simulators based on open space modal expansions. In Antennas and Propagation Society International Symposium (APSURSI), 2012 IEEE, pages 1–2, 2012.

F. Mira, M. Bozzi, F. Giuppi, L. Perregrini, and A. Georgiadis. Efficient design of siw filters by using equivalent circuit models and calibrated space-mapping optimization. International Journal of RF and Microwave Computer-Aided Engineering, 20(6):689–698, 2010.

F. Mira, AA San Blas, S. Cogollos, VE Boria, and B. Gimeno. Computer aided design of substrate integrated waveguide filters for microwave and millimeter-wave applications. In Microwave Conference, 2009. EuMC 2009. European, pages 425–428. IEEE, 2009.

D. Deslandes and K.Wu. Accurate modeling, wave mechanisms, and design considerations of a substrate integrated waveguide. IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech., 54(6):2516–2526, Jun. 2006.

  • Filters and other devices in SIW

Z.C. Hao, W. Hong, J.X. Chen, X.P. Chen, and K. Wu. Planar diplexer for microwave integrated circuits. IEEE Proc. on Microwave Antennas and Propagat., 152(6):455–459, Dec. 2005.

  • State of art

Maurizio Bozzi, Luca Perregrini, Ke Wu, and Paolo Arcioni. Current and future research trends in substrate integrated waveguide technology. Radioengineering, 18(2):201–209, 2009.